#127: Paul Cristina - "The Turning Point"

Paul Cristina was born in Cleveland, OH in August of 1983. Cristina’s work focuses on combining disparate aesthetics through the experimentation of various styles and mediums, while using drawing as a primary foundation for his development. He currently lives and works in South Carolina.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The importance of having wholesome and creative relationships

  • Paul getting his footing as a creative without a support community

  • Working hourly wage jobs that took away from art as a full time practice

  • Cristina's original pursuit of music

  • How being a paramedic taught Cristina to maintain a presence of confidence and composure in all aspects of life

  • Cristina's evolution from drawing with pen in sketchbooks to mixed media on large scale canvases

  • Robert Rauschenberg's early influence on Cristina

  • Turning points in Cristina's life that pushed him towards art

  • Drawing both from imagination and from a deliberate effort to get better at drawing