#108: Michael Shaw - "The Conversation: Art Podcast"


Michael Shaw is an artist and podcast host & producer based in Los Angeles. While working as an artist and writing about art, in late 2011 he started The Conversation Art Podcast, a show that “goes behind the scenes and between the lines of the contemporary art worlds.” Inspired by his own experiences holding down a variety of jobs and projects over the years to support himself, and wanting to reach a wider audience than the niche of the art world, he created his 2nd podcast, How I Get By, to address concepts including day jobs, living on a wide spectrum of income levels and general work/life satisfaction. You can see his art at michaelshawstudio.com

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why he started his podcast, “The Conversation: Art Podcast”

  • Our experiences podcasting and our interactions with listeners

  • Social experimentation

  • Collaboration

  • Seneca

  • Obscure films

  • The Italian Film, “The Best of Youth”

  • The films, “Lady Bird”, “Manchester by the Sea”, and “Sorry To Bother You”

  • Pop music and popular podcasts