#37: Matt Skiba - "Discussing Writer's Block + Loving the Present Moment"

Matt Skiba is an American musician, singer and songwriter known for his role as the co-lead vocalist and guitarist of the bands Alkaline Trio and Blink-182. Skiba began performing with Blink-182 in March 2015. He appears of the band's seventh album, California, released on July 1st, 2016. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • He talks about his experience with joining Blink-182

  • Practicing meditiation

  • Being happy / enjoying the present moment

  • Creativity coming from a place of contentment as opposed to being inspired by dramatic experiences in one's life

  • Using the past as a well of inspiration

  • His love for writers Cormac McCarthy, Erik Larson, and Charles Bukowski

  • Getting out of writer's block

  • The process of creating the newest Blink-182 album, California