#106: Isaac Bauman X Saman Kesh X Yoshino - "Exploration, The Cornerstone of Artistry"

Isaac Bauman is a cinematographer and photographer based in Los Angeles.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Bauman talks about the latest feature film he worked on entitled “Bloodline”

  • Counteracting comfortability in one’s art form

  • Adapting under pressure and embracing resistance

  • A lighting technique called “blue moonlight”

  • Understanding human psychology for team communication on film sets

  • Surviving as an artist

  • Compromising one’s artistic vision to service a client’s commercial needs

  • What it takes to make a good collaborative partnership

  • Kesh and Bauman’s film project, “Controller”

  • Building respect for the people you work with

  • How Bauman got into photography

  • Exploration being the cornerstone of the artistic journey

  • The power of listening

  • Dealing with our own demons

  • Dealing with creative differences