#43: Blake Neubert - "Horror Surrealism"

Blake Paul Neubert is a Colorado artist that focuses on figurative painting. He references themes from his experiences working in the criminal justice field with substance abuse and mental illness. He is the Co-Founder of Death of a Coworker.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Growing up in Wyoming

  • Childhood

  • How painting gave him a tool to fit in with the other kids

  • Pushing through failures

  • How working in the criminal justice / judicial field influences the way he views the world

  • His new body of work coming from a deeply personal and dark place

  • Leaving behind a legacy

  • Not getting distracted by our own ego and self-image

  • The emotional rollercoaster of trying to have a career in the arts

  • The harsh realities of being an artist

  • Uninformed perspectives on how much quality paintings are worth

  • How we're living in a world run by technology, which has its pros and cons. We have accessibility to everything, however because of this it has a ripple effect that devalues things that once held a stronger value.

  • How Death of a Coworker came to be